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Q3 Quick Look: Enterprise Products Partners

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On October 29th, Enterprise Products Partners held their Q3 earnings call to review the quarter's performance.  Here are a few highlights from the commentary and Q&A:


-  If EDP had maintained IDR 's since 2010, EDP would have paid  GP $6B with an implied Q3 coverage of 0.7x

-  Mgt comments "We see alot of opportunities in this environment just as we have in other periods when markets have been disrupted"

-  $7.8B of capital projects under construction supported by long term end user agreements, which commence in 2017

-  $4.7B of available liquidity, only $68MM of ATM issuance

-  2016 Growth Capex expected to range from $3.2B to $3.5B

-  Developing more assets in Permian Basin, where 30% of all US rigs are deployed,  with the building of two new processing plants and takeaway expansion 

-  Management does not see a fall off in 2016  NGL Volumes

-  Increasing LPG Export demand from Asian Companies

-  Diversified set of assets produced higher volumes and EBITDA






Operating Income






Enterprise Products Distributable Cash Flows





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