Magellan Midstream Partners
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Oil & Gas
Limited Partner
Exchange Listing Date 2/6/2001
Financing Cost (3.29%) Equity Financing Percentage Debt Financing Percentage
    Cost of Capital Weighted  
Equity Financing Percentage 50 % 1.43 % 0.72 %  
Debt Financing Percentage 50 % 5.15% 2.58%  
Weighted Cost of Capital     3.29 %  

  Issuer Coupon Maturity
Most Recent Debt Issuance Magellan Midstream Partners 5.15% 10/15/2043

Most Recent Distribution Rate $0.2474  
Distribution Frequency QUARTERLY  
Annualized Distribution Rate $0.9896  
Incentive Distribution Payout Not Expected  
Annualized Incentive Payout Not Expected  
Total Distribution Rate $0.9900  
Current Price $69.0000  
Current Yield 1.4342%  
Total Equity Cost of Capital 1.4342%  
Latest Equity Issuance GP Benefit Not Expected  
Most Recent Secondary Amount Not Expected  
Date of Most Recent Secondary Not Expected  

GP Incentive Distribution Rights Payout
No Incentive Distribution Rights.

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