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  • AMZ Net Change     -0.69
  • AMZ Net Change %     -0.22%
  • AMZ WTD   -0.49%
  • AMZ YTD   -0.01%
  • As of Date   4/21/2017


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What is CFFO? (Cash Flow from Operations, as displayed in Unit Metrics tab)

Cash Flow from operations or operating activities (CFFO or CFO) is helpful to understanding the amount of cash a MLP generates from the revenues it brings in from regular business activities.

The calculation is cash generated fro

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Do you provide Schedule K-1s for MLP reporting requirements with the IRS?

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Is there a list of MLPs that do NOT pay Incentive Distribution Rights to the General Partner?

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Please explain coverage ratio for Distributable Cash Flow?

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On the MLPData Quote screen, what does the "E" displayed next to "Annualized Distribution" and "Annualized Dist. Yield" fields indicate?

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Can MLPs grow distributions when energy prices are weak?

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What's the source of the 3-year forecasted distribution growth rates?

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How do MLPs determine distributions to be made to Unitholders?

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What are the key factors to consider when buying a fund that invests in MLPs?

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Should Upstream MLPs be a part of an investment portfolio?



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