• AMZ Index     335.75
  • AMZ Net Change     1.31
  • AMZ Net Change %     0.39%
  • AMZ WTD   0.39%
  • AMZ YTD   5.57%
  • As of Date   2/21/2017


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The MLP Data Team

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What is CFFO?

Cash Flow from operations or operating activities (CFFO or CFO) is helpful to understanding the amount of cash a MLP generates from the revenues it brings in from regular business activities.

The calculation is cash generated fro

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Do you provide K-1 Statements for MLP tax related matters?

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Is there a list of MLPs that do NOT pay Incentive Distribution Rights to the General Partner?

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Please explain coverage ratio for Distributable Cash Flow?

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On the MLPData Quote screen, what does the "E" displayed next to "Annualized Distribution" and "Annualized Dist. Yield" fields indicate?

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Can MLPs grow distributions when energy prices are weak?

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What's the source of the 3-year forecasted distribution growth rates?

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How do MLPs determine distributions to be made to Unitholders?

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What are the key factors to consider when buying a fund that invests in MLPs?

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Should Upstream MLPs be a part of an investment portfolio?



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