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Energy In America

North America is in the midst of an Energy Renaissance, which
needs infrastructure.
"The U.S. will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top
oil producer by 2015, and be close to energy self-sufficiency in the
next two decades...”
- International Energy Agency

Investment Capital Required

Energy and service companies which successfully explore,
produce, transport, refine and distribute energy resources are
building infrastructure. Such capital intensive building and
growth requires long term investments.

Master Limited Partnerships

Investors can participate as partners in these investments,
potentially receiving regular tax-deferred return of capital and
distributions, while sharing in the growth plans.

Long Term Commitments

Master Limited Partnerships were born in the early 1980's
as a part of tax reform and are a critical component to
building the energy infrastructure in the United States, and
the future growth.

Future Of Energy With MLPs

Energy based MLPs are publicly traded on the NYSE and
NASDAQ, providing a way for you to invest in North America's
energy renewal, while creating jobs, local tax revenues, and
potentially lower cost energy to households and businesses.

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Name 1 Year Growth WTD MTD YTD
Tallgrass Energy Partners
40.67% -2.89% 0.98% -4.55%
Phillips 66 Partners LP
33.01% -3.69% -4.86% -2.27%
Sunoco LP
32.33% 0.64% 9.54% -6.36%
Northern Tier Energy LP
32.26% 0.34% -0.68% -8.00%
Western Gas Equity Partners LP
29.16% 4.48% 18.14% 17.13%
Energy Transfer Equity LP
29.11% 8.23% 77.00% -6.08%
28.31% -2.78% 8.32% -16.96%
Valero Energy Partners LP
25.25% -0.46% -0.02% -7.63%
EQT Midstream Partners LP
22.57% -0.79% 4.86% 4.37%
Sunoco Logistics Partners LP
20.00% -2.38% 12.76% 11.86%


MLP Short Interest as of 4/15/16

Total Short Interest for the MLPData universe Declined from 443MM to 417MM shares as of April 15th,  2016.    Below are the top changes (declines on top, increases

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How do I search MLPs by issuance date (i.e. date of IPO or registration with SEC)?

As a subscriber, you have access to Initial Public Offering and New Issuance of Units under the Issuance tab of the Dashboard, and links to the related stories.

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